Rebecca helps out a new student with a delicious dessert!

If you've been to a cooking class before, you know how fun it is to learn new skills, step through a recipe with a teacher, and then enjoy the delicious results with your friends in class.

Imagine this: a private cooking class, lead by an enaging and fun instructor, in your own home! The students are all friends of yours, and you all have an amazing time together learning new skills, experimenting with professional techniques, and enjoying a delicious meal together.

How it works
1. Pick out a tantalizing menu of dishes from Rebecca's cookbook. (Click to take a peek!)
2. Gather your friends at your home like you would for any get together.
3. Rebecca comes over with all the ingredients and recipes.
4. We all work together in your kitchen, learning how to prepare the recipes!

  • learn about the ingredients we're using
  • taste and compare different products such as imported olive oils
  • hear about the history of the dish
  • practice professional culinary techniques (Don't know how to dice? No problem!)

Making Your Guestlist

  • 8 to 12 guests is the ideal number, based on your kitchen set-up.
  • Rebecca can invite a few more who'd like to join in if you need a few extra folks.
  • Use Rebecca's fun invitation post cards (you can request these via email.)

Your Kitchen
• Provide seats or stools for those who would like them.
• All counters and work areas should be cleared off and clean. One, preferably two, completely cleared-off counters are needed.
• You may wish to supply coffee, tea, and bottled water for the students for before class.
• Please turn off the phone in the kitchen, put away pets and small children. The appliances should be cleaned so that there will be no smoking or ignition of any grease or spills in the oven.

Working on knife skills.

Setting Up
We will need access to your kitchen approximately 1 ½ hours prior to the class, Rebecca and her assistant will finish with clean-up and leave about 30 minutes after class.

Rebecca will supply all the equipment, ingredients and instructional materials (even pens!) for the class. You supply the following items. (Most people use paper plates and napkins, and plastic forks and knives, but feel free to use whatever you're the most comfortable with.)

• Dinner Size Plates
• Dessert Size Plates
• Forks, Knives and Spoons
• Napkins
• Bread Basket, lined with a napkin
• Beverages for the students

You're going to have a blast hosting and coordinating this class. You and your friends will be impressed, inspired, and have a wonderful time. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We're thrilled to start working with you!